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Smart Scalpers

We help you build a successful and lucrative ticket reselling business!

Join our group of like-minded individuals in a community that fosters success and growth.

We Are Experts in the Field of Ticket Reselling


Sporting Events



Why Become a Ticket Broker with Us?

We equip both new and experienced ticket resellers with the essential tools, guidance, and knowledge needed for success. No more 9-to-5. Set your hours and work from anywhere. Whether it’s a beach in Florida or your cozy bedroom, you decide.

These services include (but are not limited to):

Research Skills

Learn about the market, including the best events and timing for ticket sales.

Financial Planning

Manage your budget for purchasing and selling tickets to maintain profitability.


Connect with others in our community for insider knowledge and expertise.

Risk Management

Be prepared to handle unsold inventory and fluctuating market conditions.

Technological Tools

Leverage software for buying hard-to-get tickets, listing, selling, and fulfilling orders.

Pricing Strategies

 Set pricing based on demand, market conditions, event popularity, and seating assignments.


Grow your business by expanding your inventory


Stay motivated through ups and downs in the market and learn from both your wins and losses.

Continuous Learning

Stay updated with new technologies and strategies in ticket brokering.

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